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It is a fact that better results can be achieved when better directions and resources are given. That is true with many things in life, especially welding. To have repeatable and quality results it starts with the WPS or written welding specification. This document will explain the variables with their respective tolerances. The next step is to tighten those tolerances and produce a sample for testing called a PQR procedure qualification record. This essentially proved the procedure to your company specific. If your procedure is "pre-qualified" in the code this test is taken via a welder qualification. The production sample or test sample that you produce to qualify is now subjected to testing in accordance with the applicable code section. This testing may include Ultrasonic, Radiographic, bend test, macro etches, tensile pulls, or a few other possibilities.

At Reliance we can help set this foundation for your welding program as well as provide continual audits to help you check in from a different perspective. We can also help out with visual inspections, bolting inspections, fabrication inspections, and required NDT. Contact us and see how we can help out.

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