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Through years of experience and inspections, Reliance has learned not only how to identify issues on job sites but also how to effectively communicate the issues in a level of detail that allows for quicker resolutions. After all the goal of everyone is to get the job done safely and at the best quality level and efficiency possible.

Services Provided:

AWS CWI - Certified Welding Inspector can work with the project team to verify the quality of welds, welding procedures, and qualifications meet or exceed the contract requirements. This can be performed for numerous AWS codes. If procedures or qualifications miss the mark we can help resolve that with our testing and qualification preparation services. 

ICC Structural Steel Welding and Bolting inspections. We can provide welding and bolting inspection services through a Special Inspection Agency as approved through the IBC. This would include joist, anchors, highstrength bolting, misc. metals, cold framing, structural frame welding, NDT (Ultrasonic Testing or Magnetic Particle Testing), Decking, Metal Studs, and Welded Rebar. 

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