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Glasses of Water


Water is one of the most abundant resources we have.  Clean water on the other hand, takes some work to provide. We don't even want to talk abut where our dirty water goes. With that being said the systems that are designed to process and distribute water are some of the most important parts of our infrastructure. The quality of these systems needs to be verified starting with the traceability of the sourced materials to the thickness of the last coat of paint. Maintenance inspections are also key in keeping these systems in top notch operational capacity.

Reliance NDT has been involved in numerous systems of this type. With services such as shop observation for fabricated items, sourcing of materials, development procedures compliance systems, verification of materials, documentation review, construction observation, structural inspections, coating inspection, and commissioning. Contact us to see what Reliance can help you with. 

Water and Waste Water: Services
Image by Ivan Bandura
Image by Ivan Bandura
Image by Eliobed Suarez
Water and Waste Water: Gallery
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