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The Mechanical industry includes a broad range of different facilities from high pressure steam lines to condensate water lines and chemical lines to drain lines. Everything has an originally designed intent that could be adversely affected if fabrication and construction parameters are not kept in check.

Reliance offers NDT and Construction over-site to help find issues prior to commissioning. After starting operations our maintenance experts  can help you with keeping your processes compliant. Disciplines such as 510, 570, 653 specialize in providing visual inspections on the test subjects and evaluating them to the applicable code for compliance of mechanical apertures, weld quality, environmental factors, coatings, and other categories. Risk based assessments and preventative inspections are also provided upon request. Reliance has assisted with development procedures compliance systems, portable ground penetrating radar, compliance audits consulting, and welder welding procedure qualification.Contact Reliance to see how we can help.

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