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There are always those times when the "new to you" opportunities come in the door. You have to be ready to jump but also remember to perform your due diligence and make sure what you're doing is correct.  Some of those opportunities that Reliance can help with are:

Amusement Rides


Load Testing


Light pole/Traffic pole inspection

Deflection Testing

At Reliance we do not believe in telling clients no when asked about performing a task that is challenging or "different". When approached with these types of observations Reliance prides themselves on being able to research the clients request and either performing the required service or finding an expert for the client to consult. After all it is important to know your limitations but you also have a responsibility to help your client.Reliance has assisted with development procedures compliance systems for these types of work.

Miscellaneous Testing: Services
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Miscellaneous Testing: Gallery
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